AlphaGo matches from the 'Future of Go' summit

Every day during the event, we will be posting the latest AlphaGo matches from the 'Future of Go' summit. You can explore every move within our interactive Go player or download the matches in SGF format, on our dedicated China page. Check back as we update the page with each game.

To mark the end of the Future of Go Summit in Wuzhen, China in May 2017, we wanted to give a special gift to fans of Go around the world. Since our match with Lee Sedol, AlphaGo has become its own teacher, playing millions of high level training games against itself to continually improve. We’re now publishing a special set of 50 AlphaGo vs AlphaGo games, played at full length time controls, which we believe contain many new and interesting ideas and strategies. You can access these games below, or by clicking here

Watch & download AlphaGo's matches 

Explore and download AlphaGo's innovative playing style, with our brand new AlphaGo vs AlphaGo self play games, commentary on the Lee Sedol match and self-play games by Fan Hui 2p, including expert analysis by Gu Li 9p and Zhou Ruiyang 9p. 

AlphaGo matches