Our teams

We are looking for world-class talent, and not just in machine learning. We pride ourselves on having a diverse and interdisciplinary team. Our teams are divided broadly into four areas;

Research: our interdisciplinary Research team combines the best techniques from deep learning, reinforcement learning, systems neuroscience, machine learning and software engineering to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms that perform in complex environments. The team is made up of Research Scientists, Research Engineers and Software Engineers who work in partnership to make state-of-the art research contributions.

Applied: in tandem with our fundamental research efforts, DeepMind’s Applied group focuses on translating cutting-edge machine learning into real world applications to solve some of the world’s toughest problems and make a real difference. Our Applied team includes Software Engineers, Research Scientists and Product Managers.

DeepMind Ethics & Society: the DMES team is dedicated to exploring and understanding the real-world impacts of AI. It has a dual aim: to help technologists put ethics into practice, and to help society anticipate and direct the impact of AI so that it works for the benefit of all.

Operations: our Operations team creates the foundations on which everything else is built and is fundamental to the success of DeepMind. From program management to systems, recruitment to communications, the team focuses on optimising our environment for ground-breaking research and application.

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