Research Scientist, Safety, London

London, United Kingdom

Conducting research into any transformative technology comes with the responsibility to build mechanisms for safe and reliable development and deployment at every step. Technical safety research at DeepMind investigates questions related to objective specification, robustness, interpretability, and trust in machine learning systems. Proactive research in these areas is essential to the fulfilment of the long-term goal of DeepMind Research: to build safe and socially beneficial AI systems.

Research on technical AI safety draws on expertise in deep learning, reinforcement learning, statistics, and foundations of agent models. Research Scientists work on the forefront of technical approaches to designing systems that reliably function as intended while discovering and mitigating possible long-term risks, in close collaboration with other AI research groups within and outside of DeepMind.


  • Identify and investigate possible failure modes for current and future AI systems, and proactively develop solutions to address them
  • Conduct empirical or theoretical research into technical safety mechanisms for AI systems in coordination with the team’s broader technical agenda
  • Collaborate with research teams within and outside of DeepMind to ensure that AI capabilities research is informed by and adheres to the most advanced safety research and protocols
  • Report and present research findings and developments to internal and external collaborators with effective written and verbal communication

About you

Minimum qualifications:

  • PhD in a technical field or equivalent practical experience

Preferred qualifications:

  • PhD in machine learning, computer science, statistics, computational neuroscience, or mathematics
  • Relevant research experience in deep learning, machine learning, reinforcement learning, statistics, or computational neuroscience

Competitive salary applies.

The Safety team are looking for PhD Interns for 2019. If you would like to apply you can do so using the following link:


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