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The team behind Streams - our secure mobile app for clinicians - is joining Google.

Developing our values

New technologies are likely to play a significant role in the NHS in the coming years, which means that companies developing this technology must take their societal responsibility into account. We believe that these companies - including DeepMind Health - must work hard to ensure that their products and behaviours uphold the public interest.

We worked with Ipsos MORI, Crowe Associates, and The Social Kinetic, to talk to a wide range of stakeholders - from members of the public, to patients and carers, to those working in healthcare and technology - and hear their thoughts about what matters to them and what they want from us. Through group workshops, 1:1 interviews, open feedback forms and our Collaborative Listening Summit, we sought to establish a guiding set of values by which companies like DeepMind could work with the NHS and other healthcare systems.

You can see what happened at the Collaborative Listening Summit in the short event video below, and read the summary report from Ipsos MORI here. Harry Evans, researcher at The King’s Fund, participated in the event and has written a blog on his experience of the day, and how work of this kind will impact the health, policy and tech industries. You can read that here.

It was incredibly valuable to hear from a diverse range of voices, and to learn what is important to them. We are currently developing these values internally and will update the website as we progress. 

play DeepMind Health's Collaborative Listening Summit