Our Health Team

Our team is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, combining decades of world-class experience in artificial intelligence, health technology, clinical practice, software engineering and security. We’re brought together by a shared desire to see the NHS thrive, and by the opportunity to have a transformative impact by developing the technology and infrastructure clinicians and patients want to see.  

Below, you’ll see some of our senior leaders who shape our work with patients, clinicians, Trusts and regulators.

Mustafa Suleyman

Co-founder of DeepMind & Head of DeepMind Applied

Mustafa is co-founder of DeepMind and leads DeepMind Applied, which uses the company’s cutting-edge technologies to address critical real-world problems. He was previously DeepMind’s Chief Product Officer before the company was bought by Google in 2014, in their largest European acquisition to date.

In February 2016 he launched DeepMind Health, which builds clinician- and patient-led technology with partners across the NHS. Before DeepMind, Mustafa founded a series of organisations focused on meaningful social impact, including a telephone counselling service that grew to become one of the largest mental health support services in the UK, and a consultancy that helped organisations from the UN to the WWF navigate complex negotiations.

Dr. Dominic King

Clinical Lead

Dom is the clinical lead at DeepMind Health, making sure all our work is driven by input from doctors, nurses and patients, and backed by robust clinical evidence. He is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Surgery at Imperial College London, where he previously worked as an academic general surgeon. Dom’s written and put into practice widely cited social and health research, including co-writing the groundbreaking report with David Halpern and Paul Dolan that led to the formation of the Number 10 “nudge unit”. He went on to co-found the HELIX Centre, a joint effort between Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art to bring together technologists, designers and clinicians, and has served as a research lead at the world’s leading centre for patient safety, exploring ways that technology could prevent patients being harmed during treatment.

Dom’s publication history spans the British Medical Journal, the Lancet and Health Affairs and includes a string of firsts, including some of the earliest and most-cited papers on how clinicians really use digital technology. The clinical app company Dom co-founded, HARK, was acquired by DeepMind in early 2016.

Cathy Harris

Product Lead

As a medical technologist with 20 years’ experience, Cathy shapes our product roadmap with a laser focus on clinical applications that make a practical difference to patient care. Cathy led clinical products at System C, one of the largest providers of digital systems in the UK, as the company built a suite to manage patient records and e-prescriptions, and served on the executive management team at GE Healthcare, where she led the digitisation of clinical laboratories across the world and took major new products through rigorous FDA and HIPAA compliance approvals. In a career that has taken her across the globe, from the UK and the US to India and Australia, Cathy has also led teams at Cerner and Triple G, building products that touch every part of the healthcare process.

Andrew Eland

Engineering Lead

Andrew leads our team of software engineers bringing cutting-edge technology to our NHS partners. He’s one of the world’s most experienced mobile engineers, having led the teams behind Google Maps for Android and iPhone, one of the most downloaded apps of all time.

Andrew went on to lead the engineering for philanthropic efforts at Google.org, working on ambitious projects to help emergency response in major crises, track the spread of flu, and increase participation in elections. He has a long track record of working with major institutions, having started out building the very first interactive TV services within the BBC, and later partnering with universities and researchers across Europe on projects to improve urban planning.

Ben Laurie

Head of Security and Transparency

Ben is a world-renowned cryptography expert who leads the development of the security and audit infrastructure underpinning DeepMind’s work in health. His current project involves building a real-time and fully proven mechanism so our partner hospitals can check how we're processing data. That will allow our partners to continuously verify that our systems are working as they should, and that data is only being used as it should be.

Ben’s a founder of both OpenSSL, the world’s most popular cryptographic software for securing the Internet, and of the Apache Software Foundation, home of much of the open source software that powers the Internet. Ben was previously a principal engineer in Google's security team, most recently running a project called Certificate Transparency transforming how certification authorities, which underpin the security of the World Wide Web, are monitored and audited. Ben’s also a director of the Open Rights Group.

Prof. (apl.) Olaf Ronneberger

Senior Research Scientist

Olaf joined DeepMind in January 2016 from the University of Freiburg in Germany, where he still holds an adjunct (“außerplanmäßig”) professorship for Computer Science. He’s one of the pioneers of bringing modern deep learning approaches to biomedical image analysis, with over 15 years' work in the field including a series of major papers in the world's leading computer vision and biomedical journals. A neural network architecture he designed to automatically segment biomedical images, called "u-net", won several international biomedical competitions.

Olaf works to deploy these powerful techniques through DeepMind Health’s research partnerships - the results of which, we hope, will ultimately be used to help clinicians in fields including visual loss and radiotherapy treatment.

Simon Bouton

Deployment Lead

As a 25-year veteran of IT rollouts, Si takes our products through from initial idea to successful integration, deployment and ongoing support – critical for an environment as important and complex as the NHS. He’s always specialised in projects at the ferocious end of difficulty, including broadband fibre systems and mobile phone billing infrastructure, as well as managing major NHS projects across hospitals, primary care, and mental health services. Si has run projects within organisations of all sizes, from four start-ups – including two in healthcare – to large enterprises including Virgin Media and IBM.

Tony Corkett


As one of the UK’s most experienced health IT experts, Tony works with our partner Trusts to put DeepMind’s technologies into practice. Having initially trained as a clinical radiographer, Tony was one of the pioneers behind the NHS-wide program to digitise X-rays in the early 2000s. Since then, he’s served as chief information officer or IT director at four Trusts, and led the largest ever NHS IT merger in 2012 when three Trusts came together to form Barts Health.

Razia Ahamed


Razia works with our NHS Trust partners to build deep relationships that advance patient care and research. She has a decade-long track record of working with British institutions to bring their data and insights to the public, including collaborating with the Ordnance Survey, TfL, National Rail and other partners for Google Maps, as well as working with NHS Choices to launch indoor maps for UK hospitals. As one of Skype UK’s senior leaders, she also signed major partnerships with companies from Cisco and Dell to Intel and Dixons.

Trevor Back

Research Lead

Trevor works closely with our NHS partners on research projects, exploring how technology could help clinicians provide more effective and faster care to patients. This work includes a partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, where Trevor's collaborating with NHS clinical researchers to use machine learning to help analyse eye scans, with the goal of getting faster treatment to people with early symptoms of some of the major causes of sight loss. He joined DeepMind having completed a Ph.D. in Astrophysics at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.

Will Cavendish

Strategy Lead for DeepMind Applied

As Strategy Lead for DeepMind Applied, Will shapes our work to achieve global and significant social impact with sustainable business models. He brings wide-ranging experience of achieving change in areas such as health, education, international energy and climate change, cybersecurity, growth and innovation.

As a senior civil servant in the UK government, Will led a series of breakthrough projects – driving the start of the mass take-up of online booking and prescription services in the NHS, negotiating landmark deals that made new drugs and vaccines available to NHS patients for the first time, and co-creating Change4Life, the acclaimed social movement tackling obesity and physical inactivity. He led the creation of the world's first network of What Works Centres, set up to provide hard evidence on effective uses of public money, and pioneered the use of transparency and crowdsourcing in policy making with initiatives such as MyNHS and the Red Tape Challenge. Will has also served as a World Bank economist and has lectured at Oxford University and Imperial College.

Trevor Callaghan

General Counsel for DeepMind

Trevor has been one of the world’s leading technology and privacy lawyers for over a decade. He was instrumental in building Google's ongoing privacy compliance programme and helped to create the company’s Transparency Report – the first ever effort by a tech company to disclose government requests for user data, and a model that’s now been adopted by everyone from Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Dropbox. Throughout, he’s partnered with some of the world’s leading privacy advocates, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and the Open Rights Group, on whose advisory council he sits.