AI and the world’s complex challenges

We believe that AI technologies may one day help people address some of our most pressing global problems, such as climate change and universal provision of healthcare. By uncovering patterns in overwhelmingly complex datasets and suggesting promising ideas and strategies, AI could be useful across many pivotal domains where progress would otherwise be slow.

However, this kind of positive impact at scale requires a concerted effort to make it reality. Applying AI technologies to real-world problems is a difficult and complex task that requires careful consideration of the opportunities, priorities and partnerships needed to ensure that it serves the global public interest.

Open questions include:

  • How can we identify areas where AI will have the greatest positive impact on complex global challenges?
  • How do we ensure that groups around the world have equal access to AI technologies, and that they do not disproportionately benefit wealthier economies?
  • How can public interest be enshrined and protected, given the potential knock-on social and economic consequences from advances in AI?
  • What skills and expertise will be needed in the public sphere to ensure that AI is directed towards the most important social challenges?

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