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We created DeepMind Ethics & Society because we believe AI can be of extraordinary benefit to the world, but only if held to the highest ethical standards. Technology is not value neutral, and technologists must take responsibility for the ethical and social impact of their work. In a field as complex as AI this is easier said than done, which is why we are committed to deep research into ethical and social questions, the inclusion of many voices, and ongoing critical reflection. 

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DeepMind aims to build artificial intelligence that works for the benefit of all. With careful application, these technologies may help humanity to solve some of its toughest challenges, like climate change and the universal provision of healthcare, and pave the way for a better future.

But new technologies can also be disruptive, with uneven and hard-to-predict implications for different affected groups. As scientists and practitioners working in this area, we have a responsibility to support open research and investigation into the wider impacts of our work, in order to secure its safety, accountability, and potential for social good. 

DeepMind Ethics & Society is a new research unit dedicated to this task, carrying out interdisciplinary research that brings together the technical insights of our team at DeepMind and the diverse range of people who could be affected by AI. 

We start from the premise that all AI applications should remain under meaningful human control, and be used for socially beneficial purposes. Understanding what this means in practice requires rigorous scientific inquiry into the most sensitive challenges we face, and the inclusion of many voices throughout. We deeply respect the independence and academic integrity of the researchers we work with, and will actively find ways to involve broader society in our work, too. Scientific values, such as openness, transparency, freedom of thought and equality of access guide every project we undertake. 

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Key ethical challenges

DeepMind Ethics & Society is a research unit that aims to explore the key ethical challenges facing the field of AI, through interdisciplinary work that brings together the technical insights of our team at DeepMind and the diverse range of people who will be affected by it.



Understanding the implications of a field as complex as AI will only be possible through world-class scientific research and the inclusion of many voices. DeepMind Ethics & Society is governed by a set of principles that seek to guarantee the rigour, transparency and social accountability of this work.



Our fellows are trusted advisers who critique our research strategy and wider program. Their independent oversight helps to ensure that our work is focused on the most difficult, urgent and sensitive ethical challenges we face.



Collaboration is the only way to effectively address the complex challenges that affect us all. We will invite a range of individuals and groups to help shape our research, challenge our assumptions, and embed transparency and openness within our work.


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