Science team

Exploring the frontiers of science

Accelerating scientific discovery


Our Science team aims to better understand the world around us and accelerate progress on some of today’s most fundamental and fascinating scientific challenges. 

We accomplish this by combining expertise in a broad range of natural sciences with cutting-edge AI research.

Discovery and understanding

Like the astronomers who built and used powerful telescopes to expand our understanding of the universe, our Science team builds innovative AI and machine learning systems. This work is pushing the boundaries of possibility in diverse fields such as climate science, protein folding, and quantum chemistry.

Joining together from a broad range of backgrounds, our pioneering research scientists, research engineers, and software engineers extend their abilities by partnering with industry experts and specialists to explore new topics and conduct experimental research. 

In 2018, our Science team introduced AlphaFold, a system that could predict 3D models of protein structures more accurately than any other before it. This breakthrough marks significant progress on one of the biggest challenges in biology. One day soon, this research could help us understand and create treatments for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and cystic fibrosis.